Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training... preperation

from One tangible sign that your child has left babyhood behind is that she's beginning to be able to hold in urine or bowel movements. Starting about now, keep a potty seat around so your child can gradually get used to the idea of using it. Don't push it, though — while some toddlers may be showing signs that they're ready to try, many others won't be ready until they're 24 months old or even older.

from Adriel: So, we bought a kid-sized potty for the big bathroom and a toilet adjustment ring for the smaller bathroom. Laura has begun following me into the bathroom, and I tell her every step as I do it. It's really cute to watch her kind of squat and stick her hand between her legs when I say, "... then we wipe our bottoms." I've begun reading the Potty Training for Boys book. I know, she's a girl. But it doesn't say anything specific for boys, and it doesn't show anything. It's just a boy in the pictures. And, besides, it was given to us. Anyway, as you can tell, we're doing the prep work so that we can potty train this summer. The particular method I've chosen is best for 15-24 month olds. However, if it doesn't work this summer, I've got two more summers before she'll start school that I can work with her. Financially, however, I'd like to stop paying $40/month for diapers. If you can follow that link above "signs that they're ready to try," then know that the only sign Laura isn't showing is "has words for feces and urine." That would be the drawback to having an 18 month old that doesn't talk.

Speaking of talking, Keith heard Laura say "hair" yesterday after he said it. So, that makes brings us to a total of:

Words Laura signs on a regular basis: Please, "I want..." Milk, More, Hi/Bye
Words Laura signs when prompted: Thank you, Eat, Ball, Mama, Duck
Words Laura says on a regular basis: Dada, Mama, Yes, "Wheeee" (like on the slide.)
Words Laura has said once: Outside ("ow-sade") Ball, Book, Bear, Hair

This picture is of Laura and her friend Ava today. Right before this picture was taken (I didn't have the camera right next to me, and by the time I'd gotten it, they'd moved), Ava was sitting at the foot of the slide, and Laura slid down it. When Laura got to the bottom and Ava didn't move, she bent her legs so that she was right up behind Ava. Then, she leaned forward and hugged Ava's head and leaned over to give Ava a kiss on the cheek. It was adorable. But, by the time I'd grabbed the camera, Ava had had enough and had rolled away from Laura. Thus, this picture. Laura kept patting Ava, though, until Ava reached up and pinched Laura's cheek like an old aunt might. Laura rubbed her cheek then and decided to leave Ava alone. 

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