Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Big Day

Well, we had a big day today. It started out with me handing a ball to Laura and saying, "ball." She immediately took it and said, "Ball!" She did the same thing with "book" and "bear." Besides the accomplishments in the verbal department, she also did a lot of physical stuff for the first time today. When Daddy called, she immediately took the phone from me, and held the phone to her ear, while pacing back and forth just the way Daddy does. It was INCREDIBLY cute to watch. She got down on the floor with her mini golf cart (the only toy car in the house) and pushed it along going "brr brr brr." That must have been picked up from the boys in Teacher's Daycare. I also taught her how to hold onto Mommy's leg while sitting on her foot. She loved being carried around that way.

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