Friday, April 10, 2009

Laura's Daily Intake

1 cup Cherrios
.5 cup diced fruit
1 Nutrigrain bar

.5 peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread
1 mozerella cheese stick
1 cup ritz/cheese cracker sandwiches

1 cup vegetables
.5 cup starch (rice, potatoes, pasta)
.5 cup protein (normally chicken breast)

2 cups fruit gummies
1 cup animal "crackers"

1 cup milk
4-6 cups juice/water mix

When an 18 month old eats this much, the question must be asked: How Does She Stay Soooo Skinny?

The Gazelle, of course! Laura makes sure she works out on the Gazelle every time she's at Grammy's house. Not to mention all the walks/flower picking she does in the backyard at home.

Oh, and we're trading out clothes today to go to the next size.

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