Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Well, when Laura got sick this week, I decided to not go ahead with the potty training that I was planning on. Diarrhea and potty training don't necessarily mix. However, we reached another turning point earlier than expected.

Nearly a year ago, Laura tore a hole in the protective plastic in her crib mattress. Since it's a mini crib, I couldn't just go pick up a replacement. He were hoping it would last until time for the next size. Over time, she has slowly torn bits and pieces off of the foam.

About a month ago, we noticed that when Laura laid stretched to her full height, that she barely fit length wise in the crib. We knew the time for a bigger bed was coming soon. We were putting it off, though because of the money.

When Laura got sick this week, I didn't worry too much about the mattress. Until Wednesday afternoon, she started crying about a half hour after I put her down for a nap. When I went in, I saw that she had folded up the mattress, exposing a large portion of the foam. And thrown up. I think she tried to clean her mess up (or at least hide it), because there was a huge hole torn in the middle of the mattress that had a lot of vomit on it. Poor baby. She got a bath then spent the rest of nap time laying on the couch with me, watching a movie.

Last night, since Laura and I weren't doing well, and Keith got off work late, we just brought the pack-n-play in from the car and she slept in it.

Today, Laura and I went hunting, two months before I was planning on it. I wanted to buy a bed within the next couple of months, and set it up in Laura's room for a few months before she actually slept in it. No such luck, though.

We found an inexpensive toddler bed at Walmart that actually matches the furniture set for that room. We brought it home and Laura was way past needing to take a nap, so I set her up in the pack-n-play in the office while I worked on her new bed for an hour. When Keith got home, he took the crib out to the storage shed.

When Laura woke up from her nap, she was so excited to have a new bed in her room. She helped me make it, then she crawled right up and lay down. She pulled her blankets up to her chin and grinned at me. Then, she really showed whose daughter she is. She pulled a bunch of books off of her shelf, and sat in her bed with the cover over her legs and read her books. It was adorable!

When it was bed time, she didn't have too much trouble. She only started to get off the bed once, and I immediately came in and put her back down. It took a little longer to fall asleep, but a lot of that was her just looking around her room. Since the bed is a different height from the crib, and it's in a different spot, the room looks quite different.

I think Laura loves her new bed. We'll have to buy her pillows now, though. The bed looks a little bare without one. And, I've noticed Laura had been using the crib bumper before as a pillow.

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