Thursday, June 4, 2009

This and that.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that Laura and I went swim-suit shopping for Church Camp. Ick. Anyway, when I'd gotten several options for myself, we went into the big dressing room. I left Laura in the shopping cart, but pointed her toward the mirror. She immediately began talking to herself in it, with motions and exaggerated enunciation. Just like she was practicing for a big speech. It was very cute. Then, when we got to the little girls' swim suit area, I pulled the cart close to the display and asked her which one she liked. She quickly pointed to a Little Mermaid suit. I kept taking other styles off the hooks and handing them to her, but she kept shaking her head and pointing to the Little Mermaid. Ariel came home with us.

Today, Americans for Prosperity had a stop in Fayetteville for their Hot Air Tour. They talked about the Cap and Trade bill. They gave away free t-shirts and Chick-Fil-A mini biscuits. Then, there were supposed to be free Hot Air Balloon rides. But it was too windy. Laura loved just watching them blow up the balloon anyway. And we took pictures of our group in the basket. I'll get those posted tomorrow.

Tonight, we met a family that I will be babysitting for for the rest of the summer. Laura seemed to have a lot of fun with the boy, Cohen. She especially loved his rocking horse! I think she'll have a lot of fun with him this summer.

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