Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This, that, and the other thing.

I was told Facebook is all well and good, but some of us want the blog updated. Or, something to that effect. My reply: My sincerest apologies to everyone that I've been letting down.

Well, the last couple of weeks can be summed up as such: Laura has been teething and not sleeping and acting like a coquetish little girl. The end. But for the more detailed version...

Laura seemed to enjoy going to Missouri for Miss Chelsea's birthday. She especially liked getting a magnetic zoo from the Toy & Miniature Museum. She played in their sprinkler (seemed to like that only moderately) and took long walks with Mommy and Miss Chelsea.

When we got back to Arkansas, it became evident that the lack of sleep was due to teething rather than sleeping in the pack-n-play. She's got all four molars coming in at the same time. I finally bought her a teething pacifier. This is definitely worse than the six front teeth at one time.

Laura's speaking is sound more and more like recognizable English. She may still be mimicing sounds, but it typically sounds like the appropriate question or statement. It's quite cute to hear her say, "I did that!" and "What is this?"

Laura has also become much more imaginitive in her play time. She love tea parties, talking on the cell phone, dressing her dolls, pushing her cars around, drawing pictures, making music, and singing sounds. She's been having lots of fun.

She's been having so much fun, she forgets to sleep. Naptimes have been a big battle ground lately. She's tired enough at night that she stays in bed and goes right to sleep. But nap time, when she thinks she's not tired? Lots of spankings lately.

Laura has been such a joy and pleasure lately (Yes, even with the teeth and nap time). I am so very blessed to be her mommy.

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