Friday, January 8, 2010


Though something really cute happened earlier today, by the time I picked up the computer and logged into blogger, I'd forgotten what it was. Stupid pregnancy brain.

At dinner, however, there were a couple of cute things. Luckily, Keith witnessed them, so he could remind me as I'm sitting here five minutes later trying to remember. First, Laura was feeding herself, and suddenly played airplane with her fork. With herself. We laughed and laughed. Then, later, when all that was left on her plate was the corn she has decided to boycott lately, she played plane again. Except she would magically make the corn disappear when the plane did a loop-de-loop under the table.

***Edit at 9:30 p.m.***

Keith brought me a cup of water to bed, and I finally remembered what was so cute and I forgot instantly. I've been drinking out of a huge Razorback Mug that they sold large drinks at the game... about ten years ago. Anyway, earlier today, Laura pointed at the Hog blowing smoke out of his nostrils as he climbs over the word "Arkansas" and she asked: "What's this called?" (Really, Laura is quite good with vowels and the first consonant of each word. It's getting all the other consonants out of her that requires translation. But some phrases I'm more familiar with.) So, I told her, "That's a Razorback." She immediately looked down at her Hog dress that Mrs. Bobbie made her and she just happened to be wearing today. She started pointing to each one and attempting to say, "Razorback." Each time sounded less like "Razz" and more like "Back." Then, I asked her if she knew how to call the Hogs. I knew that Keith and my dad had been working on this with her during the football games this fall. So, we called the Hogs for a few minutes. By the time we actually got to the "Razorbacks!" part, she was able to say "Razz-backs!" That "Razz" is the short "a" sound, but who cares? I can't believe I forgot that immediately...

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