Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twitter vs. Blogger

So, I've felt guilty the last few months for not updating the website very often. This is primarily due to the fact that I update Twitter every day, and usually at least one post about Laura and/or Karen. I'm vowing to do better, however. If nothing else, I've added a Twitter widget to the blog, so that you can see what the latest update is. The only problem with that is that I often tweet about things that aren't related to Laura and Karen. The main advantage of having a blog rather than just using Twitter or Facebook is the record keeping (FB and Twitter don't archive very well.)

So, I've decided to add this nifty "little" post that includes all the tweets about Laura and/or Karen from the last year. And, I will try to post all the tweets from the last month at the beginning of each month, so that I don't have to do a whole year again. I wish there was some way to integrate all of the pertinent tweets as posts, at the appropriate date. But, that'd be WAY too much work for very little reason other than record keeping. So, I'm doing one big post.

-No Twitter account. Wasn't that easy?

-MrsAWiggins05 hates teething with a passion now. Not to mention upper respiratory infections and sinus drainage. My poor baby. 09.02.15
-MrsAWiggins05 hears: "Forget the ear infections. Those are on their way out. What you need to be worried about is Laura's bronchiolitis." 09.02.16

-MrsAWiggins05 caught that blasted stomach virus. Luckily, Laura hasn't so far. 09.03.03
-...Laura is pounding her forehead because it hurts so much. Sinus infection + Ear infection= No Fun For Laura. 09.03.25
-MrsAWiggins05 was in the ER all night with Gma Barb (heart palpitations). Laura still has a fever; luckily she's taking a nap right now. 09.03.26
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura are going to the park with FCS today. 09.03.30
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura are spending the day at Grammy's. 09.03.31

-MrsAWiggins05 and Keith and Laura are going to the park. 09.04.04
-MrsAWiggins05 and Keith not only took Laura to the park today, but they mowed the lawn, cleaned the car, and started a new blog. Very busy day.09.04.04
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura are spending the day with Laura's two uncles. Hardin side. 09.04.07
-MrsAWiggins05's daughter turned 18 months old today!! 09.04.19
-Blew bubbles, drew on the sidewalk, played chase, played tea party, read books, and cuddled today. 09.04.20
-MrsAWiggins05 distinctly heard the words "ball," "book," and "bear" out of Laura's mouth today. And all when pointing at the appropriate object. Yay! 09.04.22

-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura had an exhausting day. Keith seems to be holding up well, though. 09.05.03
-Laura just pointed at a duck in her book and said "yuck!" We need to work on D. 09.05.08
-Check out the blog: Laura said "Doll" today! 09.05.09
-Laura just replied "I love you" clear as a bell when I told her I loved her. 09.05.12
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura made cookies and had a "tea" party. The tea tasted just like milk, oddly enough. 09.05.18
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura spent the day at Grammy's. 09.05.19
-4 women+10 kids+1 pool=1 fun afternoon! 09.05.20
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura had a fun day playing "baby." 09.05.21
-MrsAWiggins05 and family are headed for Laura's first Circus!! Plenty of pictures on the blog promised for tonight! 09.05.25
-MrsAWiggins05 has 3 older kids today, playing hide and seek. Laura keeps revealing hiding places, following them around. 09.05.26

-Have I told you recently that my daughter is a genius? Today, she made her toy lion eat her toy gazelle. #PlanetEarth watched here. 09.06.02
-Laura just threw a fit-no kidding!-because I put her in shorts/shirt instead of a dress. Or maybe she wanted to wear pink instead of orange. 09.06.09
-Laura just said her 1st sentence: Is dat girl? I was happy to say Yes! 09.06.17
-Laura is vomiting. :( This is especially important for those who were with her at church. 09.06.22
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura are well again. Getting ready to send Keith to the wilds of Africa and depart for Misery. I mean: Missouri. So much left to do... 09.06.24
-MrsAWiggins05 is wishing this sickness would just go away and let Laura and me get better. 09.06.25
-Laura is asleep in her new big girl bed. Check out the blog. 09.06.25
-MrsAWiggins05 loves road trips. But a 20 mo old who hates her car seat spoils the ride. 09.06.27
-Leaving Springdale. I think the trip may take longer than normal just because I have Laura. 09.06.30
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura got a 69 in bowling. About half of that was Laura. 09.06.30
-Laura got her first strike! X! 09.06.30

-When given the choice between a magnetic zoo or a magnetic doll house, Laura chose the zoo. Have I mentioned she loves animals? 09.07.01
-Laura is holding up animals from her zoo and I'm naming them. When I said gorilla, she said, "grilla." 09.07.02
-The Lord drove me and Laura safely home to AR. I am very sick. At least I can sleep now. 09.07.03
-Today's 1st words: excited: Daddy! Daaaddy? crying: Daa-ddy! Ran into my room: Daddy Daddy Daddy! 32 hours left, sweetheart. 09.07.05
-Have Keith and luggage. Laura likes her new toys. 09.07.06
-I knew Laura was teething. But I really checked it out today. All four molars at once. Ouch! 09.07.10
-MrsAWiggins05 took a break from cooking dinner to check on Keith and Laura. Found them having a tea party. Guess they didn't want to wait. 09.07.13
-Laura likes Karaoke. Who knew? 09.07.20
-Prince Charming (Laura) woke up Sleeping Beauty (Daddy) with a kiss this morning. 09.07.21
-Cohen? "Yes, we are going to Cohen's house." Why? "To play." Ok. -Words are great. 09.07.22
-After their tea party, "my" kids decided to have a parade. So cute. 09.07.28
-Laura is being a turd today. 09.07.30

-Laura tried to click her tongue at Noche like I did. It sounded like a pig grunt. SO cute. 09.08.03
-Our cd alarm clock has a copy of Yoyo Ma's recording of Bach's Cello Suite. Laura played it over and over to sing with it this morning. 09.08.05
-Laura has oldest child syndrome: bossieness. If it's this bad now, what will she be like with siblings? 09.08.12
-MrsAWiggins05 found a bead in a poopy diaper. ACK!! 09.08.17
-Four beads so far today. Apparently, Laura needed a colon cleanse. I don't think this was as gentle as Dulcolax, though. 09.08.18
-The end credits for Ratatouille show a rat hula hooping an onion ring. Laura attempted this (minus ring) and did a cute little dance. 09.08.19
-The Rabbit Died. 09.08.27

-Laura started the washer. I guess it didn't wash the clothes in there good enough the first time. 09.09.01
-Laura has discovered chapstick. She is such a girl. 09.09.02
-MrsAWiggins05 had a dream that Laura decided to potty train the day after I had triplets! I hate #pregnancy dreams! 09.09.03
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura took a 5 hour nap. One of us is sick and the other is pregnant. I don't think I'll be this lucky the rest of the preg, though. 09.09.08
-According to the doctor, the baby should be here by April 23. 09.09.09
-Dinner at O'Charlies. Laura keeps wiping Daddy's mouth with her napkin. She'll be great with the baby. 09.09.12
-Well, having a child lean on you while you regurgitate is disconcerting. 09.09.17
-Laura gave her baby a "bath," then couldn't understand why I took it way to give it another bath. The thing is nasty... 09.09.22
-Extended family came to see my "new" house today. While they were here, Laura discovered TP, electric outlets, and how to open the door. 09.09.25
-I hate being pregnant. I love the baby at the end, but I hate the morning sickness all 9 months. 09.09.30

-When Grammy took Laura to pick out new pjs, Laura picked the pink ones with "Princess" on them. She is such a girly girl! 09.10.02
-At White River Baptist Church's 25th anniversary service. Oddly enough, Laura is the same age I was when it organized. 09.10.04
-Moms of kids that spent time with Laura yesterday: Laura started the morning vomitting and has had diarrhea all day. 09.10.05
-Laura's very annoying word for the day is "mine." I have a headache. 09.10.16
-50 Days of Thanks (12): I am thankful for my beautiful daughter who will turn 2 at 10:27 tonight. 09.10.19
-Keith and Laura do NOT have the flu. All 3 of us have sinus infections. 09.10.26

-50 Days of Thanks (30): I am thankful that Keith and I got to feel the new baby kick this morning. We never got this far with the last one. 09.11.06
-Zina asked Laura, "Who am I?" Laura replied' "Mine!" 09.11.09
-Laura just "painted" my fingernails with a perfume sample stick. I smell like "Happiness." 09.11.10
-MrsAWiggins05 Is taking a walk with Laura. But I'm not pushing the stroller. Laura is pushing hers with her baby doll in it. So grown up. 09.11.11.
-At dinner, I ordered Laura steamed pea pods. She opened up each pod, ate the peas, then put the pod to the side. 09.11.13
-50 Days of Thanks (39): I am thankful for my precocious 2 year old. Even if she chooses not to talk, despite her 400 word vocabulary. 09.11.15
-Laura was rocking her baby. I told her she was a good mommy, and she said: "Daddy!" We know who her favorite is. 09.11.19
-50 Days of Thanks (46): I am thankful for Noche. Who brings my husband and daughter great joy. And all the does is sit there and meow. 09.11.22
-Watching the Macy' parade with my husband and daughter, curled up on the couch with cheerios. 09.11.26

-Laura spilled the cat's water dish. She unrolled the toilet paper to clean the spill, then started getting water from the toilet to fill it. 09.12.09
-MrsAWiggins05 needs to move the wing chair that sits beside the Christmas tree because Laura figured out she can stand on it and reach the ornaments. 09.12.10
-Laura just begged me and Keith to let her spend the night with Aunt Zina. She told us to leave. 09.12.12
-MrsAWiggins05 watched Julie and Julia while stuck at home with a sick baby. I wish I loved cooking as much as I love eating. 09.12.13
-5 hours left. I wonder if Laura will realize that the picture on the screen is the baby... 09.12.14
-Well, we know what the baby is. But I can't tell you until we've notified all the family. 09.12.14
-MrsAWiggins05 is sick. Whatever this is, it's not morning sickness. It's been a miserable day with the exception of seeing the baby. 09.12.14
-The baby's name os Karen Joyce. It means "pure joy." She looks just like her big sister. 09.12.15
-MrsAWiggins05 was dreaming that she was tanning on a cruise ship. When the captain whistled, Laura and I both woke up. Stupid captain. I mean: neighbor! 09.12.17
-Laura stole a big bite of my apple pie tonight. It's ok. I didn't need that 100 calories. She doesn't like crust, though. 09.12.17
-MrsAWiggins05 and Laura just got much needed haircuts. 09.12.23
-Laura's Christmas Morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyWLflakv7Y 09.12.25
-Laura's Socks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NApZDRP5kE4 09.12.25
-I uploaded a YouTube video -- Green Eggs & Ham http://youtu.be/361gpSI81pw?a 09.12.26
-MrsAWiggins05 said "I'll bring the baby, Bible, and baby doll." Keith said "Say that 10 xs fast." Laura said "Baby, Bible, baby, Bible." 09.12.27
-I uploaded a YouTube video -- Jewelry http://youtu.be/nAFZ3JIpGqQ?a 09.12.30
-Laura felt Karen kick today. Then, she pulled up my shirt and stuck a cheezit in my belly button. "Eat, Baby?" 09.12.31

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