Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures, Potty, and Picking up

When Laura woke up this morning, she brought me a picture that's on her bookshelf. It's a picture of the Wiggins Family from when Keith and I were engaged. I pointed at everyone in it, asking her who they were. She immediately named: "Daddy, Mommy, Bibi, Babu." But then she made up some name (I think) for Chris and John. Apparently, I need to show her more pictures of them, naming them. The thing is, she does the same thing whenever I show her a picture of her Uncle Ethan. My theory is that because she doesn't spend as much time with Uncle Chris, Aunt Brenda, Uncle John, and Uncle Ethan, she doesn't know their names as well as say... Paul and Z! The hole in this theory is that she easily recognizes pictures of Bibi and Babu. I don't know.

This evening, Laura came to me while I was in the bathroom and asked, "You Poo?" Yes, I'm pooping. "I Pee?" You want to pee in the potty? "Yes!" So, I quickly finished up and put her on the toilet. She peed a LOT! Every time before has been just a bit of a trickle, but she really had to go this time. So, we sang a potty song, and then went and put big girl panties on. Half an hour later, when I got her out of the bath and made her put on a diaper for bed, she threw a fit because she wanted to wear big girl panties to bed. One step closer...

On Sunday, I picked up Laura and carried her to the back of church because she was throwing a fit while Keith was playing the guitar for everyone. I stood in the back and held her for just a couple of minutes, then came back and sat down when Keith was done. It didn't take long for major pain to start, followed by Braxton Hicks. I spent most of Monday with various doctors, checking... everything. Karen is great. I, however, have been given a ban: no more picking up anything over ten pounds, especially Laura. It's not quite bed rest, so it's hard for me to say, "I can't be left alone." Despite that, though, today taught me that I shouldn't be alone with Laura. First off, she has decided that whenever Mommy says, "Come here," it's more fun to run away. And anytime we get to a parking lot, it's fun to wait until Mommy opens the car door, then run for the nearest sidewalk as fast as possible. Before Sunday, I would simply chase her the two steps, pick her up, give her a swat and talk to her about running away, and then put her in the car. However, my main weapon (removing her feet from the ground) is now unavailable to me. Five parking lots; five times she ran away today. I was exhausted by the time we were done running errands, and I appreciate drive throughs (banks, restaurants, library drop-offs) much more now. Also, Laura can crawl INTO the bathtub, but she can't get out when she's all soaking wet. No more giving her baths alone anymore; Keith will have to come get her out. It's easy not to pick her up when she's thrown herself on the floor and is throwing a fit, but it's hard when she's fallen down and wants me to pick her up and comfort her. I'm trying very hard, but this is going to be a long two months.

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