Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funny things Laura said on our vacation:

As we pull up to the Hardin's house, our trip's starting point: What's this? I no swim with dolphins?!

Proudly sticking her finger in Zina's face: Look my booger! [Zina insisted this be added to the collection. This is a daily occurrence, though I've tried to teach Laura otherwise.]

Passing a lake: I swim dolphins there?

Pointing to some ceramic bears the size of a cat: Is the dog dead?

When told she couldn't eat the "baby apples" on the tree until they were red, she held up the ripe tomato in her hand: This Mommy apple red; I can eat. But not baby apple.

While driving down highway, after being told we would get on the boat tomorrow: Mommy, I potty now; 'cause I no pee and poop on the boat.

Driving down highway surrounded by animal-less pastureland: Grammy, I want see cows. Can I see cows, please?

Upon seeing a hotel room with a king, twin pull out, and crib, and knowing Zina is staying with her: L: This my bed [twin], and that Z's bed [points to king.] A: Where are Mommy and Daddy going to sleep? L: [shrugs] In you room. A: This IS our room. We need a bed. L: [points at crib] You sleep Taru. [with Karen]

Several days on the cruiseship without me recording things. Sorry.

At the Dolphin Encounter place AFTER swimming with Rachel, the dolphin: L: What time it? A: One o'clock. L: Time to eat! Then swim dolphins again. Then nap. A: Is THAT what one o'clock means? L: YES!! [One is normally nap time.]

One drive back, around Houston: L: Where we going? A: To Arkansas. L: What color it? A: What color is what? Arkansas? L: Yes. A: L: NO! Red! A: Arkansas is red? K: Arkansas Razorbacks are red and white. A: Oh. L: WooPigSooieRazbacks! On drive back, around Eufala, OK: L: We going see my friends in Arkansas. [We had told her this earlier] A: Yes. But right now it's time to sleep. You can see your friends after you sleep. L: You wake me up see my friends? A: Yes, I'll wake you in time to see your friends. L: Ok. I sleep now!


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