Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When the girls woke up earlier than I would wish, I brought them to bed with me and Keith, this is what happened:

KJ: *pats K's beard*
A: Beard
KJ: Beer beer beer beer
KJ: *pats K's eyebrows*
A: Eyebrows
KJ: Eyeba
KJ: *carefully points at K's eyelashes*
A: Eyelashes
KJ: Eye ash
K: Good job, Karen!
KJ: *pats K's beard* beer beer beer beer. *pats K's hair* beer beer beer beer!
A: No, that's Daddy's hair, not his beard.
KJ: *pats K's hair* beer! *pats K's beard* hair!

K: *tickling L's feet* Look at these big feet!
L: It no big feet! It small feet!
K: *holding up KJ's foot* Then what's this one? L: It small too! Both small.

K: Here's an article by (blah blah blah) "Facebook treats us like sheep that need..."
L: *interrupting* I like sheep. I like pink sheep.
A: There aren't pink sheep unless someone made them that way. God doesn't make pink sheep.
L: Why not? A: He made white and black and brown and sometimes spotted sheep, but no pink.
L: Well, I like pink sheep.
K: And Google+ treats us like adults. A: Just send me the link; I'll read it later.
L: ...and blue sheep and purple sheep.


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