Friday, July 8, 2011


This morning, I vaguely glanced in the towel cabinet because I knew we were low since I washed a load yesterday. I saw fluffy material and proceeded to take a shower.

However, when I got out, I discovered that what I'd seen was a hand towel. Luckily, Laura had just come to the door to tell me she was done with her "dinner" and was going to play in her room.

A: Laura, will you do me a favor? You know which one is the dryer? It's the one not spinning right now. Will you get me a towel out of it?

L: Sure, Mommy! [two seconds later] Here's a towel, Mommy!

A: Oh, no, sweetheart. That one is wet. It was soaking up a spill from last night. I need a dry one from the dryer.

L: [a minute later] Here, Mommy.

A: Oh, thank you! But I need a big towel. This hand towel won't dry all of me off. Can you try again, please?

L: [a minute later] I did it! I got the big one!

A: *laughing uncontrollably* You are my Big Girl! Thank you! [Who cares that it's an XL beach towel?]


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