Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laura on medication

L: Where we going?
A: To the doctor.
L: So he find bugs in my mouth and give me medicine? [The nurse swabbed for strep last time, and I told her they were looking for tiny bugs in her mouth.]
A: No. We are going so he can look at Karen again.
L: But I been coughing two weeks!
A: thought: would you like some cheese with that whine? *laughs*
L: No laugh at me! I need medicine!
A: The doctor already gave me your medicine. Remember? Pink before bed; clear when you wake up.
L: But I SICK. I need more!
A: You'll be fine.

Well, after multiple tests, Karen doesn't have: ear infection, sinus infection, urinary track infection, flu, or strep throat. The doctor decided she just has a nasty stomach virus.


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