Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My baby CAN read!


We bought the Your Baby Can Read video system last year. We don't watch it as much as they recommend (twice a day), but we watch it two or three times a week. This has less to do with me not liking the system (I love it) and more to do with me believing kids that don't have a lot of screen time tend to more well-rounded and smarter. I turned out ok, didn't I?

The note to parents says that when your baby starts acting out a word as soon as it comes on screen, before the word is read, then you know your baby is reading. Today, Karen nodded yes as soon as YES came on the screen. Then, she got up and went to get another book from the book shelf. 

True, Mrs. Tricia just gave Laura and Karen two Wal-mart bags filled with books, so they are ~slightly~ more interested in the bookshelf than normal. But not by much. 

"Please read me a book" is not a bed-time-delay or a pay-attention-to-me ploy in our house. It's an honest desire to spend time learning. At least, for Karen. She's definitely her bibliophile Mom's daughter. 

For Laura, books are a pleasant break from the singing, dancing, and tea parties that occupy princess's time. Maybe once she can read by herself it'll be better. I pray.


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