Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Princess and Flies

We had dinner "on the patio" tonight. This means that we all sit in tiny chairs around the tiny picnic table that's attached to Laura's playhouse in the backyard. We do this about once a month when the weather is nice. Tonight was delicious Eureka Pizza!! It attracted a lot of flies. So, Laura sang:

Shoo, Fly; don't bodder me! Shoo, Fly; don't bodder me! Shoo, Fly; don't bodder me! I fee song somebody! Then, Keith started chasing down a mosquito that was after Karen, trying to swat it with just his hand. So Laura lifted her hand up and and said, "Mommy, der a fly on you!" I told her, "Then tell him: 'Shoo, fly.' Don't hit Mommy, though." So she said, "Shoo, Fly! Don't hit my mommy!!" When we took a bath, she asked me to sing her a song while scrubbing her hair. I sang:

Rub, a dub dub, little girl in a tub! And who do you think she'll be? A butcher? A baker? A candlestick maker? She can be whoever Jesus wants her to be!

To which she replied, "Jesus wants me to be a princess!"


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