Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Color Blindness

We did a basic color blind test after school today.

If you remember your squares, you'll remember that the only way for a girl to be color blind is if her father is color blind and her mother's father is as well. And then, each girl has a 50% chance of being color blind (as well as any brothers).

The test we did today only tested for two types: green/red and green/brown. Laura tested color blind for both. She clearly saw all of the standard shapes, but not any of the test shapes. It did not test blue/purple, however, which is the one I suspected her of most. I find all of this highly intriguing. My dad was green/brown and green/red, but fine in everything else. Keith, however is not only green/brown and green/red but also green/yellow, blue/purple, and even sometimes pink/grey. I'm glad that Laura CAN test now, but I'm eager to do a more in-depth test with all of the combos.

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