Monday, October 17, 2011

The Walk

As part of my 365 Day to Fit, I walk three days a week, adding another half mile each week. Wednesday and Friday are fine because I can put Karen and Jeannette in the double stroller and go. But Mondays, when Laura isn't at school, she either has to walk or ride with me.

Last week, she rode her trike for a half mile, then rode in the stroller for a half mile. This week, she got a new bicycle for her birthday.


She rode a half mile. There was minor crying and complaining because this bike has a new feature her trike didn't have: turning the pedals backwards triggers the breaks. She had gotten used to doing a half turn backwards then going forward whenever she'd gotten stuck. This technique doesn't work with the new bike, so it was like learning a brand new skill for her.


After the first half mile, she decided to run. She made it almost a complete mile running. And she really ran with an occasional walk. She asked to ride the stroller with about 100 yards left in the mile. We made it a mile and a half! The question is: will Laura be a bicyclist like her Uncle Chris, or a runner like her Uncle Paul?

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