Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of Karen Joyce

8:00 Wake up and discover Daddy and Laura have already left for school. Ask for both of them (separately and together) 100 times in the next three hours.

8:15 Realize Jeanette should be around and ask for her. Find her in playroom and give her hugs and kisses while enthusiastically calling her name.

8:20 Scream at Jeanette and take favorite toy away.

8:30 Spill oatmeal all over pajamas because I'm a big girl that can feed myself.

8:45 Run from Mommy as she tries to clean me because I want to play outside with Noche. Mommy thinks that when I say his name it sounds like when I say "French fries." I have no idea why she says I don't speak clearly.

9:00 Get in fight with Jeanette because she pulled Noche's tail. Again. Mommy puts both of us down for nap early. Again. I read books in bed instead of sleeping.

9:05 Get a spanking for reading. How did Mommy know? I was whispering to my baby.

11:00 Mommy pulls me out of bed and puts me in car. Ask for my drink every five seconds until she finally brings it to me.

11:30 Laura gets in car. It's about time! I've been asking for her every five minutes since we left the house!

11:35 Tell Mommy, "I French fries Daddy Slide." She tells me we are having lunch in the park, just not with Daddy. Whine. But only so I don't seem too excited about the slide and the French fries.

11:45 Realize Mommy stopped t Subway, not McDonalds. Scream and cry with Laura because we want French fries. 12:00 Realize Mommy drove home instead of the park because we threw a fit about the French fries. Whine. But only so I don't seem too excited about Subway in the backyard. 12:30 Scream at Laura because she took my last chip. Mommy puts all three of us down for a nap early. Again. I read books instead of sleeping.

1:00 Mommy finally moves Laura to another room so I can finally fall asleep.

5:00 Wake up and discover Jeanette is already gone. Oh, well. She always took my toys anyway.

5:05 Watch whatever I want to watch. Usually Barney or Blue's Clues.

5:30 Laura wakes up and I have to watch what she wants. Usually Strawberry Shortcake or Angelina Ballerina. 6:00 Daddy comes home and we eat dinner!

7:00 Bathtime. Whine. But only so I don't seem too excited about playing with the dolphins in the bubbles.

7:30 Mommy puts me to bed early. Again. I read books instead of sleeping.

8:00 Laura comes to bed so I can finally play.

8:00-9:00 Get out of bed every time Laura does. Get a spanking every time Laura does. Don't really care because I'm with my sister. 9:00 Fall asleep, even though Laura is still talking. Still.
Note from Adriel: Karen is now asking to go potty every ten minutes. She only accomplishes "the deed" about 25% of the time. Still, at least she's interested.

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