Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A silly conversation

For the last week, there has been a fair at the rodeo grounds, which we pass every day. Each day, Laura has asked to go on the merry go round. Each day, I've told her if she can go a whole day without disobeying, we would go. Each day, she made it until about noon. We never went, and the fair has moved on.

Tonight, on our way home, Laura was humming along with the classical music station, when she suddenly began singing a song. She sang, "Passing by the fair! Oh, passing by the fair!" louder and louder as we approached the rodeo grounds. Keith sounded a little bit sad when he told her, "I know, honey, but the fair is gone now..." Laura got a really confused look on her face and asked, "What fair?!" Keith and I both laughed really hard, but Keith managed to choke out a "Never mind."

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