Saturday, August 11, 2012

A birthing story

On Wednesday, August 8th, 2012, I went to my 36 week check up. I was planning on asking the doctor for permission to travel to Branson the following week for an Adair Family Reunion. But then the doctor asked me, "Any labor symptoms?" So, I told him the truth. "I've been having pressure and pulling on my scar during each contraction since Sunday night. But the contractions haven't been regular." He was in the middle of my pelvic exam, and he simply reached up and pressed on my belly just above the scar. "I want you to go downstairs now. Dr. Terry is in the OR today. You'll be having the baby today." Well, ok. Both he and Dr. Terry said the same thing: "At this point, the risks of rupturing the uterus are higher than the risks of him being born premature." And they were right. Two hours later, at 1:15, a healthy baby boy came out screaming and peeing all over the OR staff. He has absolutely nothing wrong with him! And although I didn't recover quite as quickly as I did with Karen, we were released by noon on Friday: a record time for this momma. David Keith Wiggins has done nothing but eat, poop, and sleep. Oh, and totally wrap everyone who has met him around his long, skinny fingers. He looks like the Wigginses, rather than the Adair/Hardins, but that's just fine. He is adorable. And sometimes, when he's fussing, he sounds like a kitten.

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