Monday, August 27, 2012

Thankfully, mornings like this are rare. A.K.A. What SAHMs do all day.

7:45 Keith says, "I'm late. You have to give Laura breakfast!" and rushes out the door.
7:46 Laura says, "Why Karen have bexfax and I don't?" Adriel replies, "Because she got herself yogurt. You can get yourself a yogurt." Laura cries because she doesn't want yogurt for breakfast.
7:47 Adriel makes Laura a bowl of oatmeal.
7:48 Karen cries because Laura's oatmeal is in "Karen's red bowl" not "Laura's pink bowl."
7:49 Laura cries because Adriel gave the red bowl to Karen.
7:50 Adriel makes a pink bowl of oatmeal. Laura sings "Boo boo ah ah (nana nana boo boo) I got the pink bowl!" to Karen. Karen screams at her to make her stop.
7:51 David takes a breath after screaming for the last five minutes straight because his breakfast was interrupted.
7:52 David settles down to eat again.
7:53 Karen runs into Adriel's bedroom and climbs onto the bed to give David kisses, getting yogurt and oatmeal all over Adriel's sheets and blankets in the process.
7:54 Laura comes in and climbs up, only to knock Karen "out of the way," causing Karen to knee David's head. David screams.
7:55 Adriel sends both girls to wash up.
7:56 Adriel hears Laura turn on the water in the guest bath...and Karen pour Noche's food all over the floor. She's still busy calming David down, again.
7:57 Adriel hears Laura laughing as water hits surfaces in the bathroom that shouldn't require getting wet while hands are being washed. Like the shower curtain. It seems cat food is still being poured on the floor.
7:58 David falls asleep. Adriel goes to investigate the bathroom. Yep, it's a mess. She hands Laura a towel and tells Karen to put all the food in the bowl, removing the almost empty bag of food from Karen's hands.
7:59 Adriel goes into girls' bedroom to pick out clothes for them to wear. Laura asks what she's doing.
8:00 Adriel foolishly replies, "Picking out your clothes. Finish wiping up the water!"
8:01 The allure of fashion overcomes the sense of duty of cleaning up our messes. Laura and Karen both leave the bathroom to help Adriel pick out their clothes.
8:02 Laura cries because Adriel wants her to wear play clothes instead of a dress. Karen cries because she wants to wear Elmo, not butterflies!
8:03 Adriel tells them both to suck it up and to go finish cleaning up the bathroom. Both girls leave.
8:04 Adriel hears the Slim Fast Powder can hit the kitchen floor. Leaves bedroom to investigate.
8:05 Adriel finds Karen in the middle of the kitchen eating the powder as a post-breakfast snack.
8:06 Adriel hears Laura scream, "Oh! I have to potty! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"
8:07 David begins screaming. Adriel manages to strip Karen naked and sends her to Mommy's bathroom for a bath.
8:08 Adriel passes the guest bath on way to her bedroom and finds Laura frozen, a foot from the toilet, pee running down her leg, crying "I'm sorry, Mommy, I didn't make it!"
8:09 Adriel helps Laura get the rest of her clothes off and sends her to Mommy's bathroom for a bath.
8:10 Adriel finds David has spit up AND pooped all over her sheets.
8:11 Adriel starts bath water while girls climb on bed to give David kisses and try to calm him.
8:12 Adriel drops both girls in bath and turns off water.
8:13 Adriel washes David. His first bath with his big sisters! He loves the warm water; the girls want to "help" wash him.
8:14 Adriel dries David off, puts his diaper on, and puts him down for a nap in the crib.
8:15 Girls inform Adriel they want to play in the bath for a while.
8:16 Adriel strips her bed. And the bassinet because David had peed in it last night.
8:17 Adriel gets distracted by the girls' room on the way to the washer and strips both the girls' beds (long overdue anyway).
8:19 Adriel starts washer full of sheets and leaves three comforters and two blankets on the kitchen floor, inches from slim fast powder.
8:20 Adriel sweeps the slim fast powder, but leaves the rest of the floor for later.
8:21 Adriel switches out dish washer.
8:22 Girls inform Adriel they want to play in the bath longer.
8:23 Adriel puts new sheets on the girls' beds.
8:25 Adriel puts new sheets on the bassinet and covers her bed with a new blanket.
8:26 Adriel sweeps up the peed-on cat food and towels the guest bathroom.
8:28 Adriel walks through the house picking up things that belong in other rooms and dropping them off in their places.
8:30 Adriel insists that bath time is over. Karen's hair gets washed and all the slim fast powder scrubbed off of her.
8:32 Karen's hair is combed and she gets a pull up on. She is sent to get her clothes.
8:33 Laura's hair is washed. Karen brings back the butterfly shirt and throws it in the bathtub so she won't have wear it.
8:34 Laura's hair is rinsed. Karen goes back to her room for "other clothes."
8:35 Laura S.L.O.W.L.Y. picks up the bath toys.
8:36 Karen brings in her Elmo outfit and asks Adriel to help her get dressed.
8:37 Laura screams, "Mommy said wear the butterflies!" and grabs the Elmo outfit and throws it in the bathtub.
8:38 Karen screams and hits Laura. Laura screams and hits Karen.
8:39 Adriel takes Karen to her bedroom to pick out clothes again. Tells Laura to get out and dry off.
8:40 Adriel pulls a new outfit onto Karen, finds shoes and socks for her. Sends Karen outside to play.
8:42 Adriel combs Laura's hair out.
8:45 Adriel makes Laura put on the play clothes, finds shoes and socks for her. Sends her outside to play.
8:46 Adriel puts chalk and bubbles outside over much screaming and crying about not wanting to play outside. Locks the screen door.
8:47 Adriel takes a shower and gets dressed. 9:00 A newly refreshed Adriel unlocks screen door. The girls are singing a song as they happily swing.
9:01 Adriel scrubs down both bathrooms and sweeps/mops both of them.
9:15 Adriel scrubs down kitchen and dining room and sweeps/mops both of them.
9:30 Adriel dusts the whole house.
9:45 Adriel cleans mirrors/glass in whole house.
10:00 Adriel vacuums all carpeted floors.
10:10 Girls finally come in from playing to ask for snack.
10:11 Karen cries because she wants fruit, not cinnamon toast. Laura cries because she wants Karen to go take a nap while Laura has popcorn and watches Strawberry Shortcake.
10:13 Both girls inform Adriel that cinnamon toast is the best snack ever.
10:14 Karen cries because she doesn't want to take a nap, but falls asleep before Adriel has left the room.
10:15 Laura cries because Adriel tells her, "No movies today. Play a game."
10:16 Adriel switches the laundry.
10:17 Laura informs Adriel that Toca Boca Doctor is the best game ever.
10:18 Adriel finally gets to sit down!
10:19 David wakes up and demands to be fed.

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