Friday, October 5, 2012

Beethoven's Fifth...Word mix-up

Two stories from tonight.

On the way home from Crossover, Beethoven's Fifth came up in our playlist. Laura immediately said, "Oh, this is my favorite song! I love this song, Karen. Don't you love this song? Look, David is going to sleep because of this song." She then hummed a measure or two before she started to sing to it. Apparently the lyrics to Symphony Number 5 are: "La-la-la-llama! La-la-la-llama! Llama llama. La-la-la-llama!" about fifty bajillion times.

The second thing occurred when Keith was putting the girls to bed.

Laura: I can't sleep! My legs are crappy!
Keith: What?
Laura: My legs are crappy.
Keith: I don't think that's the right word. ...Honey, she says her legs are crappy.
Adriel: Cramping. (Choking on laughter) She's in a growth spurt...
Keith: Oh! Your legs are cramping?
Laura: Yes, crappy!

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