Monday, November 19, 2012

Too prosperous

I told the girls to pick out a movie to watch while I took a shower. Laura sat down next to the movie cabinet and began pulling out movies, one at a time.

KJ: Belle!
L: You want Beauty and the Beast?
KJ: Yeah.
L: Ok. Now I have to find one... Look, Karen, here's Dora.
KJ: I want Dora.
L: Dora and Belle? Both?
KJ: Yessss!
L: Ok, but what about mine...? Oh, here's Sweet Pea Beauty.
KJ: Sweet Pea! Sweet Pea! I want Sweet Pea!
L: And Dora? Both?
KJ: Yessss!
L: I can't pick. There's too many.
A: I'm going to put Sweet Pea in. When you've chosen, Laura, we'll watch yours after Sweet Pea.
KJ: No, Belle!
A: You want Belle instead of Sweet Pea?
KJ: No, both.
L: We have to take turns. We'll watch both, but Sweet Pea first.
A: Uh, yeah, what Laura said.
KJ: Ok.
L: There's just too many, Mommy. Can I pick three too?
A: Um, no. We are not going to spend all day watching six movies. We have places to go and things to do and people to see.
L: Ok, just Sweet Pea and Belle?
A: Sweet Pea and part of Belle, but then we have to go. L: I wish we could watch Belle in the car while shopping.
A: *sigh* You have no idea how spoiled you already are. *As Sweet Pea begins, walks away muttering* "Too many movies..."

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