Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being born and growing up.

L: Mommy, did I have a bed when I was born?
A: You slept in the crib David sleeps in now.
L: Oh. Ok.
KJ: *mumble mumble* no born.
L: What? I no born?
KJ: No born.
L: I was too born!
KJ: Laura no born! Davy born!
A: Haha. Laura was born, Karen. Then you were. Then David was. Just because you only remember David being born doesn't mean that Laura wasn't. L: See? I was too born.
KJ: *crying* Laura no born. Laura big girl.
A: Oh! You don't think Laura was born because she is a big girl?
KJ: Yes!
A: Ok. Well, Laura was born a little baby, and then she grew up into a little girl, and THEN into a big girl. Just like you were born a little baby then grew into a little girl.
KJ: Oh. Ok.
L: Yeah, and tomorrow you be a big girl!
A: She'll be a big girl like you when she starts going pee in the potty instead of her pull-ups.
KJ: No, I be baby. I no big girl. L: But, Karen, it's better to be a big girl and go potty. Mommy no have to wipe your pee pee. You can!
KJ: Oooh. I be born like Davy.
A: *sigh*

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