Thursday, December 27, 2012

Creativity Abounds


The best part about marrying into a family full of creative, artistic educators (other than the fact that I fit in) is that they give my kids the best gifts. Today, we "played" with a bunch of their Christmas gifts. It was all highly educational too.

Top Left: the art easel from Bibi, Babu, and Uncle John was set up and colored on.
Top and Bottom Right: The "Tickle Me Plants" from Uncle Chris and Aunt Brenda were planted in their pots. We talked extensively about Mimosas and looked up pictures of them on the computer and in Mommy's new Pictorial Webster's.
Bottom Left: The Make Your Own Monsters from Uncle Chris and Aunt Brenda were stuffed, sewn, and adorned today. Laura's is on the left with its cape draped above it; Karen's is on the right in its cute skirt.

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