Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelry and Makeup

The girls came in my room as I was sitting on the floor by my jewelry bureau, photographing my new shoes. KJ: Mommy, help my shoes!
A: Ok. Sit here in my lap.
L: What are you...hey! Can I pick out your jewry today?
A: Sure.
L: Oooh! This one is SO pretty!
A: Grammy made that necklace. Do you see the earrings that go with it?
L: Here they are.
A: Thanks. Ok, Karen, your shoes are done. You can go play.
KJ: I jewry too!
L: Here, west this ring.
A: That one may be too small. Yeah, mommy's fingers are swollen this morning.
L: *disappointed* Oh. KJ: Wear dis, Mommy!
L: Mommy doesn't want wear that, Kawen.
A: Ooh! That's a beautiful pin, Karen. Thank you!
L: What pin is it?
A: My Awana pin. L: Oh. Ok. When I growed up, I wear jewry and make up.
A: Yep. But you can wear jewelry now.
L: I can wear this? *holds up an ex.pen.sive string of pearls.*
A: No, I meant the jewelry in your bedroom.
L: But that's just play jewry. I mean _real_ jewry. A: Well, that's the kind you can wear now. You can wear the expensive jewelry when you're old enough to take care of it.
L: But I only get play jewry and makeup right now. I want to be big so I can wear real jewry and makeup.
A: Someday you will. Until then, be patient and wear the play jewelry you already have.
KJ: *singing* Be patient. Be patient. L: Kawen! Stop singing. Ok, Mommy. I'll wait. But I want to wear your jewry now.
A: Hmm.

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