Monday, March 18, 2013

Greek Mythology Lesson

We were watching the old Gulliver's Travels cartoon where Gulliver visits the Isle of Lilliput. It begins with King Triton causing a storm to attack Gulliver's ship, washing him up on Lilliput. Laura: That's Ariel's Dad!
Adriel: Yep. His name is King Triton.
Laura: Where's Ariel?
Adriel: She's not on this movie.
Laura: Then why is her dad?
Adriel: Well, King Triton is the king of the ocean, so he's in lots of movie with the ocean in them, even when Ariel's not.
Laura: But why he in this one and Ariel not?
Adriel: Well, in this one, he made it storm so that Gulliver would find Lilliput. But since this story is about Gulliver, and it isn't under the ocean, it doesn't need Ariel in it.
Laura: Oh. Well, I like Ariel better than Titan.
Adriel: Triton.
Laura: Yeah. Him. Her dad.

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