Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Children's Playlist

It's been coming up a lot lately in various conversations, so I decided to tell you all about our Children's Playlist, the only thing our kids listen to in the car (and most everywhere else). They are grouped by type, and listed by artist then album. No, I do not get bored listening to this playlist nearly every where I go. First, because it is a full two days of listening. And second, because there is plenty of variety to keep me interested. And third, because when I'm by myself, I listen to my own custom playlist; like that ever happens.

Children's Radio Shows, via podcasts, these rotate regularly:
CBH Ministries: Keys for Kids
Focus on the Family: Adventures in Odyssey

Chula Rogers: Memory Verse Songs
Eric Martin's reading of the KJV: all Psalms and Proverbs

Audio books/kid's stories:
The Brother's Grimm: Mother Goose Stories, One of my favorite productions of all time. Hear the stories behind the mother goose poems.
Fischer Price: Story Time Favorites, Came with a board book: The Three Little Pigs. I don't love the voice actors, but they don't completely irritate me.
Soundscape Productions: Curious George Came in a Curious George travel pack with books, games, etc.
*I am always looking for more kids audiobooks. Let me know if you see any.

4 Him: Hymns (a Place of Worship)
Family Life Today: Thanksgiving
Jonathan Story: Inspirational Music for Piano and Organ
Joni Tada: Hymns for a Kid's Heart
Keith Wiggins: Guitar Hymns
Porter: Music Box Hymns
Singing Men of Arkansas: Celebrate Musical America, Select tracks.
Vocal Majority: How Sweet the Sound

Classical Music:
Fisher Price: Classic Baby Beethoven
The Piano Guys: Beethoven's Five Secrets, Hits Vol 1

CCM, emphasis on what God did for us:
Acappella: Sweet Fellowship
Sara Groves: Conversations
Steve Green: The Mission, Morning Light (Songs to Awaken the Dawn)

Christmas Music, yes, year-round:
Sara Groves: O Holy Night
Veggie Tales: A Very Veggie Christmas

Music specifically made for kids:
Cedarmont Kids: Preschool Songs, 100 Sing-a-long Bible Songs
Disney/Mickey & Friends: Sing-a-long Fun (Classic Children's Music)
Greenhill Music: 101 Favorite Sing-a-long Songs for Kids, Not the best recording ever, sound is off. However, there are favorite kids songs in here that aren't on any of the other albums.
Sandra Boynton: Rhinoceros Tap Came with the book.
Twin Sisters Productions: ABC Nursery Rhymes, Came with a book of nursery rhymes. Has half a dozen versions of the Alphabet Song. Great production.

Baby Love: Lullabys--Sleep Tight Baby
Michael Card: Come to the Cradle, Sleep Sound in Jesus
Veggie Tales: Junior's Bedtime Stories

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