Monday, April 29, 2013

What kind of day is today?

Every night when Laura picks out her clothes for the next day, she asks, "What kind of a day is tomorrow?" She gets Church, School, or Play in response and then picks out her clothes accordingly. Every "Play Day," she asks in the morning, "What kind of a day is today?" She gets Stay Home, or Go Somewhere in response. But today...

L: Mommy, I want to watch a movie.
A: No.
L: Why? Are we going somewhere?
A: No.
L: So, we staying home?
A: Yes.
L: But I want to watch a movie then.
A: Nope.
L: Why not?
A: Because today is a play outside all day kind of day.
L: Is it warm?
A: Yes.
L: Is it sunny?
A: Yes.
L: Is it muddy?
A: Don't know. But you can go barefoot, if you want.
L: Yay. I love Play Outside days!
A: Even more than Go Somewhere days?
L: I like when we go somewhere and play outside all day best.
A: Of course you do.

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