Thursday, May 30, 2013


L: *whispers** Let's get a snake and put it on Mommy.
KJ: Ok!
L: *tosses rubber Polly Pocket shirt on Mommy** Haha! A snake got on you!
A: Aaahhh! A snake! Oh no!!
L: Ah ha ha!
A: You want to touch a real snake, right?
L: Yes.
A: Well, next Saturday is Alex's birthday party. Ms. Lisa will have snakes and lizards and frogs there that you can hold.
L: Real snakes?
A: Yes.
L: Yay!! I love snakes!
KJ: * tosses a rubber Polly Pocket skirt on Mommy** A snake got you!
A: Cool! I like snakes!
L: You do? 
A: Yep. When I was twelve or so, Grandad and I went to a park with a bunch of other kids. There was a pet snake there. She was so beautiful and nice. I asked Grandad, "Please, may I have a pet snake? Please, please please?" But Grandad said, "No! [Grammy] doesn't like snakes." So, then I went to Grammy and said, "Please may I have a pet snake? She's really nice!" But Grammy said "Ugh! No! I hate snakes!" So, I never got a pet snake, but I always wanted one. 
L: I want a pet puppy.
KJ: I want a puppy too.
A: You do? How unsurprising.
L: Actually, I want any pet.
A: You HAVE a pet. His name's Noche, remember?
L: Yeah, but he's my old cat, I want a new puppy.
KJ: Me too.
A: Well, you know the rule. You can't have another pet until Noche is dead because he doesn't like to share. When he dies, we'll get a puppy and a kitten at the same time.
L: And they fight?
A: Not if we get them both as babies at the same time. Maybe Mommy can get a snake or some fish at the same time.
KJ: Or a bird like Grandad!
A: Grandad doesn't have a pet bird...
KJ: No, in the yard!
A: Oh. Yeah. We could get bird feeders and put them in our yard now.
KJ: Yeah!
L: No! Noche will eat them.
A: Have you ever seen Noche chase down a bird?
L: No. But that's what cats do.
A: Not Noche. 
L: So, when Noche dies, we can get a puppy and a kitten and a snake?
A: Yep. Well, we'll have to convince Daddy to let us get a snake. 
L: What about a hamster? LilliAnna wants a hamster.
A: ...And there's Mommy's line. No rodents.
KJ: What rodent?
A: Rodents are small, furry animals like mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, or weasels. 
L: Shiloh has a rabbit.
A: I know. If you want to play with rabbits, you can go to Shiloh's house. There will be no rabbits or other rodents in my house.
L: But we can have snakes?
A: Yep.
L: Yay!

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