Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boys don't wear jewelry

**Let me start off by saying I don't agree with the title statement. After all, the wedding ring is a very special identifier. And I don't mind a few other tasteful pieces. As long as a guy isn't blinged out like a rapper, I'm cool. However, I fully recognize that not everyone feels that way.**

David has an amber necklace. He's worn it since he was about four months old. It is a low level, natural pain reliever. This makes chronic teething much more livable. I seem to always be explaining this to people who ask why I'd put a necklace on my son. The only people who do not ask "Why would you...?" are people whose kids are wearing amber necklaces. They all say something along the lines of, "Is that an amber necklace? Aren't they wonderful? It has really helped [child's name]." These are the parents who know the night and day difference of a child in constant pain verses a child with occasional spikes of pain (acute teething/cutting days).

The person that asks me most often about the necklace is my dad. He seems to forget every couple of weeks and asks again. And I explain again. And he says, "Oh, yeah, that's right" again. David always watches this exchange with wide eyes.

This morning, David was crawling around on my bed in just his diaper. He was watching himself in my dresser mirror and occasionally doing things (like waving) to indicate that he was playing with the little baby in the mirror and having a grand old time of it. 

Then, his eyes caught on the necklace around his neck. He began pulling on it, and messing with it. At one point, he started pulling hard enough at just the right angle that he was putting pressure on his windpipe and choked a bit. I asked him if he wanted the necklace off. To which he replied, "Da-da a Ga-da oh oh." Which (because he's used several of these words before) I know meant, "Daddy and Grandad no, no." Ah, so now that it's been drawn to your attention, you no longer want to wear the necklace because Grandad (and apparently Daddy too) don't like it? Or is it simply a case of because Daddy and Grandad don't wear necklaces, you don't want to wear a necklace either? Either way, the necklace came off. Now, I'll just have to remember that it's off the next time he starts getting really fussy from teething.

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