Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chores Reward: Mom Date (aka Princess Night at ChickFilA)

So, after two weeks, the girls finally built a whole prize: Mom Date. Well, let's be honest. They had most of the letters earned when I found out about Princess Night on Sunday, but most of the letters were working toward other prizes. So, I played Switcharoo when the girls were in bed one night, then only let them pull letters from a smaller pool for the last couple of days. But Princess Night could not have come at a better time for motivation in the chore routine. They earned the final letter on Tuesday and we immediately put "Mom Date" on the calendar for tonight. 

We had a lot of fun. We got all dressed up in princess dresses, jewelry, and fancy shoes with fancy hair. We listened to our favorite "girl music" in the car. (That'd be Sara Groves, JJ Heller, and Laura Story.) We ate our chicken nuggets while standing in the setting sun, waiting for what was undoubtedly the ride of a lifetime. We saw the Princess Cow (and then Laura put a princess cone hat on and said she was the Princess Cow.) We pet the horse and rode in "Cinderella's carriage" with Snow White. Then Laura played on the playground with her new cow watch while Karen ate the ice cream she exchanged her watch for. Laura declared it the Best Mom Date Ever. Karen said it was fun except for the Princess Cow, which she was scared of.

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