Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Beds+New Decor=New Room!

A round of thanks. 

1) To Jerry for keeping his eye open for bunk beds in his continual shopping at Potter's House.
2) To my dad for forsaking nap time to go pick it up and drive it to my house.
3) To Trish, Tori, and Robbie for helping the girls clean their bedroom on Friday.
4) To Keith for painting and fixing the bed on Saturday. And then taking it apart and putting it together on Sunday.
5) To Laura and Karen for being very patient for three days while I made them haul stuff back and forth and clean their room a billion times. And, for the most part, obeying right away.
6) To David for putting up with his family's preoccupation and semi-neglect for two days. (Although, he was probably really happy to not be under direct supervision the whole time.)
Top left: Now that Laura's bed is no longer under the window, it's more obvious that since I bought the curtains at different times, I accidentally bought two different lengths.

Top middle and right: The girls got to pick out which art work would surround each of their names. Karen picked out two watercolors of a little boy and his teenage brother, pictures of her uncles drawn by her Bibi. Laura picked out a pencil landscape done by her twelve year old mother.

Bottom left: They got a new WORKING clock and some mirrored flower and butterfly decals for the closet wall.

Bottom right: The girls are truly thrilled with the new room. Above each girl's bed is their personal "B is for Bible" bible verse list made by Dirinda Lacen, then their art frame that they put their own art work in, and then by their feet a new picture board with some pictures and some if their own art. Not shown in this picture is the fact that the top is purple and the bottom is green. We matched the paints to the purple butterflies and dragonflies and the green frogs that Tricia and Tori helped me stencil on the wall when I was pregnant with Karen. Laura's old bed frame was actually a trundle bed, so it has a mattress and is underneath Karen's bed, so they are ready for someone to sleep over. 
Speaking of sleepover, because the paint wasn't dry yet at bedtime on Saturday, they slept on Laura's mattress on the floor. And David joined them in the morning.

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