Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild Man Eats

The back door of our house does not have a proper seal. We have attempted several methods of correcting this, all of which have worked a little bit for a little while, but eventually fail. Of course, every single insect in our neighborhood knows that this is the easiest spot of breach the Wiggins Fortress. I've given up all environmentally friendly forms of controlling the gate and simply spray a wall of Raid every other day or so. This results in numerous carcasses lying about the kitchen floor within a foot of the back door. 

Today, I found David sitting in the middle of them, chowing down on cockroaches and ants. Eww. I put him in his seat, washed his hands and face, and gave him watermelon. Come to think of it, maybe his current love of watermelon is what's drawing them all inside...

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