Saturday, September 21, 2013

Krispy Kreme

We stopped at Krispy Kreme because we were actually in Bentonville and Daddy and Mommy needed coffee. The girls seemed to enjoy the unforeseen benefits of this.

Karen ordered a puffed doughnut with orange frosting, white bug eyes, and a thin black line as a smiley face.

KJ: My doughnut has silly eyes. But not a silly mouth.
L: What about ears?
KJ: No, it doesn't have ears.
L: Doughnuts don't have ears! That's silly!
KJ: Yeah. Food no have eyes. Only people.
L: Yeah, that'd be silly if food had eyes.
KJ: These eyes are yummy.
L: I love my doughnut!
KJ: Me too!

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