Sunday, September 1, 2013

They have PINK cars?!

L: When I looked in their car, I saw they had a TV.
A: The answer is "no."
L: I want one too.
K: One what?
A: Still "no."
L: A new van with a TV. A red one.
K: You want a new red van with a TV?
A: And the answer is STILL "no."
K: Why don't you want a pink one?
L: A pink what?
A: Definitely NO!
K: A pink car with a TV.
L: They make PINK cars?!?
A: Ah ha ha ha!
K: Yeah, they're rare. But there are pink cars.
KJ: Our princess car pink!
L: They make REAL cars pink?
A: *choking on laughter** Definitely not going to happen.
K: Yes, they do. What is it...Avon?
A: Mary Kay.
L: Mommy, can we get a pink van with TV?
A: Like I said five minutes ago, no. When you are old enough to drive, you can buy whatever pink car you want. I will not drive a pink van. And we are not getting a DVD player or TV in our van. You can listen to the iPod. 
L: *disappointed** But I like TV.
A: Hence my refusal to have it in our van. I will not fuel your addiction. Which is why I'll never paint one of my cars pink either.
K: Was it pink Mercedes?
A: No, Cadillac. Arbonne was a white Mercedes.
K: Does Advocare have a car?
A:... I don't know.
L: Can I buy a pink truck like Grandad's?

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  1. Kids these days, they have the most interesting topic to talk to. But still I'm amazed that at their age they are interested in having a car, specifically one with a TV. I guess your right on telling them that when they grow older, they can buy their own car. → Ava @