Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ah! I'm a people!

K: Karen, stay away from the door. Mommy is getting dressed, and you need to leave her alone.
KJ: But...
K: Do you want help with your shoes? Laura or I could help you. 
L: Or Noche.
K: Noche?
L: He can become a people. He'll say, "Aaack! I'm a people!" Then he'll help her with her shoes.
A: Why does he have to be a human to help her with his shoes? 
KJ: He becomes a people!
A: Why can't he help while being a cat?
L: Uh...
K: Because his claws will scratch her.
KJ: Oh no!
A: But he can keep his claws in and just use his paws.
L: That's... But he has to be a people!
K: Is Mommy being silly?
A: I'm not being silly. I'm not the one making our cat a human.
KJ: You silly, Mommy!

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