Saturday, December 21, 2013

Doll clean out.

It's that time of year again! Right before Thanksgiving every year, we clean out the girls' room. We pull out books, toys, and clothes that they no longer use and donate them somewhere. Then, again, a couple days before Christmas, we work on the one thing they have the most trouble giving away during the Thanksgiving Big Clean: dolls and stuffed animals. I make them bring every single one they own to the living room. This is about half of them:

Then, I make them start choosing. Pick one that will go live at Grammy's house (and invariably end up at our house again in the next year.) Pick two baby dolls or barbies that you want to keep. Pick one stuffed animal that you want to keep. Catch that? They each pick a total of four that stay, and all the rest go. Yet, after Christmas, two birthdays, two Awanas stores, and whatever other reason they find to get new dolls and stuffed animals, there are invariably at least thirty to go through come next year. I can imagine how their room would look if we didn't do this every year. Ugh.

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