Friday, December 27, 2013

Favorite animal

A: You know that activity book I got for the girls to do during church, the one with practicing your letters, shapes, and numbers?
K: Yeah?
A: At the back of it is an "About Me" page, where you can answer questions like, "My favorite color is..."
K: Mmm hmm.
A: I learned something new about Laura that I never knew.
K: Oh? What's that?
A: Her favorite animal is the llama.
K: Really? Is that because of the Emperor's New Groove?
L: Yeah. 
K: Do you have another favorite animal?
L: A unicorn!!
A: Of course.
K: Which do you like more, the UNICORN or the llama?
L: Unicorn.
K: But which is your favorite animal, the LLAMA or the unicorn?
L: Llama.
K: Did you see what I did?
A: Yep. Equality control now.
K: (really fast) Llama. Unicorn.
L: Both!
A: Haha. 
K: Works every time.

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