Thursday, December 26, 2013


A: So, have you girls decided on names for your dolls yet?
KJ: Well, my doll named Karen. And...Laura, what your name?
L: Sarah!
KJ: And Sarah's baby is named Laura.
A: What? You gave your baby your name?
L: Yeah. My name is Sarah and Karen's name is Adriel.
A: You can't change your names. You can only name your dolls.
KJ: But I Adriel now. 
A: Haha. No.
L: But I don't want to name my doll Sarah. I want to be Sarah.
KJ: Yeah. My doll is Karen now.
A: *sigh**

Note from Grammy when sent this conversation:
Even I'm confused! I asked Laura yesterday what she named her doll, and she told me Sarah. I asked if she knew what Sarah meant and told her it meant "princess." Maybe that's part of the process. 

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