Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eye Crusties

KJ: There crumbs in my eyes.
K: Crumbs? How'd they get there?
KJ: I woke up, they there.
K: So, you went to bed and there were no crumbs in your eyes, but when you woke up they were there?
KJ: Yep.
A: It's not crumbs.
K: Did someone put crumbs in your eyes while you were sleeping?
KJ: Well, I think so.
L: Yes.
K: What kind of crumbs are they?
L: Cookie crumbs.
K: So, someone sneaks in your room and puts cookie crumbs in your eyes every night?
KJ: Yes.
A: Haha! Shall I end this childhood idea right now?
K: Oh, no!

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