Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not the first crush

It's not a secret that Laura is definitely my kid. Her first crush was when she was three, on a college student. We discussed tactics with him, and took care of it fairly quickly. But now...

Laura and Daddy were looking at last year's yearbook. 
L: When I get bigger...I already have a boyfriend.
A: Excuse me?
K: What?
L: Well, him. *points at yearbook.** I like him.
A: *giggling where Laura can't see.**
K: Honey?
A: Ahem. Laura, you can be friends with a boy, and you can like him, but he's not your boyfriend. You don't get to have boyfriends until you're older than Zina.
L: Oh. Ok. Well, I like him.
K: Ok...
KJ: Well, I have a boyfriend?
A: *sigh**

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