Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm sweating.

I've been doing a new workout program for the last two weeks, and really enjoying it. A couple of times, Karen has come in and tried to keep up with kickboxing or hot yoga. She, of course, doesn't use proper form or keep up with the pace, but she's super adorable as she bounces around our living room "like Mommy."

Today was a low-impact stretch routine for a recovery day. Laura decided to join us too today. Laura quickly figured out how to settle into the proper positions to acquire the optimal stretches. After ten minutes, though, she began saying things like, "This one hurts," and "I'm sweating," and "I don't think I can go that far." I kept encouraging her and telling her she didn't have to stretch as deeply. They both finished the entire half hour stretch routine. I was so very proud. I'll have to dig out those kids' exercise routines I have somewhere. 

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