Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not Old

KJ: You have green eyes.
A: No. They're hazel. But they are green-gold hazel. But see the flecks of gold in the center?
KJ: What color eyes I have?
A: Blue. Just like Uncle Ethan's.
L: What about me?
A: Hazel. But you have blue-brown hazel. Like Daddy.
L: Oh.
A: You got Daddy's hair and eyes and body build... You're going to look like Daddy when you grow up. Are you ok with that?
L: Yep. What about David? He'll look like Daddy too. But he'll have my red hair. Can you imagine Daddy with red hair? Because that's what David will look like. 
L: *Giggle** What about Karen.
A: She'll look just like me. She already looks exactly like I did at her age.
L: Do I look like Daddy as a kid?
A: Yes. Except even taller and skinnier, if that's possible.
L: When Daddy was in that family, was Babu and Bibi old?
A: Heh. No, not as old as they are now. Let's think about this. Daddy is thirty-four. Thirty-four minus six is twenty-eight. So, twenty-eight years ago, Babu and Bibi were...forty-one. So, um, about as old as Mommy and Daddy are now. 
L: Oh. Ok. And what about when you were in the Hardin family? 
A: When I was your age, Grammy was the age I am now. And twenty-eight years from now? You'll be sitting in your backyard, and your little girl will crawl into your lap and ask, "When you were part of the Wiggins family, were Granpa Keith and Grandma Adriel old?" What will you tell her?
L: *Giggles** I don't know. 
A: Haha! We're not old. You're never old if you can still laugh.
L: But I want to be a mommy! I don't want to be a daughter forever!
A: Haha. Don't worry. You'll keep growing. And your age will change. You just have to remember to keep laughing. 
L: Ok.

Also, related, but I forgot to post the other day: Laura came out of her bedroom long after bed time.
A: What are you doing up?
L: I want to be a mommy when I grow up, but I don't want to be a grandmother. 
A: Haha. Why not?
L: Because they're old. And can't move. And always sick.
A: Haha. Go sleep. You can ask Jesus to make you a young grandmother. Haha.
L: Ok.

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