Saturday, April 19, 2014

Renovation=Science Lesson

Laura: No, David! Don't do that! ...Mom! The sky is copying me! When I was saying something to David, it bepeated what I said! Like right now!
A: Yep. That's called echo. Since all the carpet and furniture have been removed from the house, it echoes now.
L: (moves over a few feet) But why? Oh, now it's not bepeating me.
A: REpeating you. Yes, it still is. But you've moved so that the kitchen wall is between you and the sound waves bouncing back, so you can't hear it. But I can still hear it. And it echos because normally the furniture and carpet absorb the sound waves, but since they're not here, the sound waves are bouncing against the concrete and coming back to us.
L: Oh. Karen! Look! Turn that way and say something! It copies you!

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