Saturday, October 25, 2014

Starving Kids

LF: I got the wing? The wing has too many bones.
K: Do not complain about your food. There are many people starving who would love just one chicken wing. There are kids in Africa that only get one egg to eat each day. They don't say, "I don't like this!" because that's all they have.
A: Or say, "But I ate that yesterday!"
K: The company I'm working with works hard to get food to kids in Africa who don't have any food.
A: And Bibi and Babu feed all the orphans that come to their school every day.
LF: What's an orphan.
A: A kid that doesn't have a mommy or a daddy.
LF: And Bibi feeds them?
A: So they don't starve, yes.
LF: When we go see Bibi and Babu, may I feed them?
A: Sure! We can go to visit the orphanage and bring them food. 

Broken heart...

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