Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ambiguous Ambigrams

Little Bug: How you spell your name?
A: Mommy?
LB: Yes.
A: Mmmmmm.
LB: Em!
A: Yes!
LB: Ok.
A: Mmmm oooooo
LB: Oh!
A: Yes!
LB: Ok.
A: Mmmm ooooo mmmm
LB: Em!
A: Yes. 
LB: I did it!
A: Mow... Um, yes.
K: Look, mow. And you turn it over and it's still mow.
A: That's called an ambigram.
K: Heh. 
A: Hey. I'm building her vocabulary.
K: Anaphylactic shock. 
A: Heh heh.

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