Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventure Thwarted

Frog is angry that I put on the show that Monkey and Bug wanted, Dora, instead of the one she wanted, Olivia. So, as Dora takes Monkey and Bug on an adventure, Frog keeps screaming things at the tv when they are. But not the right things.

Dora: Are you ready to go?
Monkey and Bug: Yeah!
Frog: NO! Never!

Dora: We made it through the gate. What comes next?
Monkey and Bug: The Lake!
Frog: Nothing!

Dora: We made it to Crocodile Lake!
Boots: How will we make it across, Dora?
Frog: You won't! You'll get eaten!
Monkey and Bug: Jump! Up! Up! Up!
Frog: Eat Dora!!

Personally, I think eating Dora is taking it a little too far.

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