Sunday, October 18, 2015

Growing Up: Milestones

Tomorrow is Frog's birthday. She'll be eight. Which doesn't seem like a big number when you're just counting, but seems huge when your baby is turning that number. 

In honor of that, she took a shower last night. She could have done the whole thing without help, except that she had a hard time reaching a particular spot on her head, since her arm is broken. So, just a little help rinsing is all.

Tonight, after several days of practicing, LadyBug sang The Books of the New Testament song without messing up once. This is so incredible on multiple levels. I almost cried. 

Also tonight, Monkey got undressed and then dressed in his pajamas all by himself. All I gave him step by step instructions, but he did all of the actual work alone. And he picked out a matching outfit for tomorrow. By himself. 

My babies aren't babies any more. I may ahead and cry now.

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