Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Boggart

Little Frog woke up from a nightmare right as my alarm went off. I brought her into the kitchen to help me with my morning routine while we talked. 

She begins tellinging me about skeletons invading Heaven, so various people are trying to protect her, when Daddy suddenly turns into a skeleton too. So, she said, "Pause! Bathroom time!" Everyone froze, and she headed off to the bathroom...where she woke herself up.

This is the first time in any of her vivid dreaming that she's told me she controlled it. Ah! Finally! Another lucid dreamer in the family! 

So, I did what any geek parent does. I went and pulled Prizoner of Azkaban off the shelf. I looked up the Boggart in the Wardrobe chapter, flipped through to the staff room scene, and handed it to her to read. 

When she got to Professor Lupin assigning their homework, I stopped her. " did they defeat the boggart?" "By laughing?" "Yes, by changing what was scary into something funny." "So...I can change my scary dreams?" "Exactly. Next time Daddy turns into a skeleton, make him do something funny. Like tap dance until all his bones fall apart." "Oooh! So I don't have to be scared?" "No, you don't."

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